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What is Wind Turbine Estimator?

Wind Turbine Estimator is a free Tools App developed by android-design.nl for Android OS. The latest version of this APK is 0.90 which is updated 11 month ago. This APK provides best Tools service for Android users. Wind Turbine Estimator - Beta is rated 5 out of 10 by our Android Application editors. The mwave.windmill_power APK download crossed 370 times in our website and increasing. Best alternative Tools Apps for Wind Turbine Estimator - Beta are 2Flash, Google Account Manager, Mi GetApps, Depra Cleaner, ShareMe, Virtual DJ Mixer 8, etc. Download Safe and Secure from APKProZ. Please share your feedback after downloading this App. Download more useful and interesting Tools Apps for your Android device.

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Wind Turbine estimator App computes the annual energy output from a wind turbine. It can also draw a number of interesting graphs.

Calculates the power of a wind turbine from size, wind speed and air density.
The efficiency factor tells, which part of the wind blowing through the area spanned by the rotor blades is converted into electric energy.

- Rated output power (kw)
- Annual Energy Output (kwh/year)
- Cost of wind power (k€/kwh)
- Annual Profit (k€)
- Return on Investment (%)
- Break even Point (Years)
- CO2 reduction (Tonnes/Year)

- Rotor size
- Wind Turbine cost (k€/kw)
- Wind turbine revenue (€/kwh)
- Turbine efficiency
- Generator efficiency
- Mechanical efficiency
- Capacity Factor (%)
- Land lease cost (%)
- Operations and Maintenance cost (%)

New Features

1.Update for new Android versions
2.Some minor changes

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