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Last Updated : 4 month ago
Package : in.okcredit.merchant
Size of APK : 8.4MB
Version : 2.5.2
Total Install : 2374

What is OkCredit?

OkCredit is a free Finance App developed by Most Trusted Udhar Khata App for Android OS. The latest version of this APK is 2.5.2 which is updated 4 month ago. This APK provides best Finance service for Android users. OkCredit - Digital Udhar Khata is rated 8 out of 10 by our Android Application editors. The in.okcredit.merchant APK download crossed 2374 times in our website and increasing. Best alternative Finance Apps for OkCredit - Digital Udhar Khata are Mi Pay, Amazon Pay, Piggy, etc. Download Safe and Secure from APKProZ. Please share your feedback after downloading this App. Download more useful and interesting Finance Apps for your Android device.

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This APK works in USA, UK, Canada, India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Nrtherlands, Malaysia, Philipines, Italy, Germany, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Argentina, Myanmar, Turkey and Algeria etc Countries. If you are facing any issue with OkCredit in your country install any VPN Apps on your Android phone. We are providing all pureapk Apps which are safe from virus and malware to download on Android phone. You can Download APK for PC/Laptop(MAC/Windows) by using any Android Emulator Software free. Please provide the feedback and suggestion on our support section.

Ledger Cashbook, Account book & debit credit manager. len den ka hisab in mobile

OkCredit is your online ledger/udhar khata which simplifies credit (????) account management for shop owners and their customers. 

Some other regional names of Udhar Bahi Khata where OkCredit can be used directly.
1. Credit Debit Entry Book
2. Leva Deva
3. Levad Devad
4. Ugarani Chukavani
5. Udhar Jama Register
6. Credit Debit App
7. Debit Credit Ledger
8. Basic Accounting Register
9. Ugarani Book
10.Ledger Book
11. Khata Diary
12. LenDen Diary
13. Len-Den Book
14. Udhaari
15. Khaata

Some Use Case Scenarios of OkCredit App:
1. Mobile Shops/Recharge Shops
2.Any small and medium business doing sales on credit
3. Kirana Shop/General Store/Grocery Store/Provision Store
4. Bakery, Snacks and Juice Shops
5. Medical Store/ Local Pharmacy
6. Paan Shops
7. Personal Credit Book Keeping

Forget fear of NO CREDIT and enjoy the ease, simplicity and reliability of OK CREDIT. 

Advantages of using OkCredit digital ledger against paper based udhaar bahi khata
- FAST : View any customer dues in 1-click
- PROOF : Customer gets a free SMS update for all transactions
- REMINDER : Send payment reminder on whatsapp anytime
- AUTOMATIC : All transactions are added automatically
- ACCURATE : No totalling mistakes
- 100% SAFE : Online & local backup ensures 100% record safety 
- MOBILE : Add credit/payment anytime, anywhere
- FREE : No monthly charges

OkCredit helps keep track of credit balances and transaction summary(Len Den Byora). Merchants(App Users) can use Ok Credit application to record credit and debit/payment for their trusted customers. Also, there is no fear of losing records as all data is backed up online against your phone number based account and can be recovered by a simple OTP authentication on a new device later on.

Customers get transaction updates via SMS. They can view their balance and transaction history at a unique link in the SMS. The lender can also send pending dues reminders to the other party.

OkCredit is a very simple business accounting software application for anyone to manage their most important financial transactions. The SMS communication between the recorder and receiver is very useful for both parties. This is specially useful for people who do business via sale on credit or have monthly account customers but still do all accounting (hisab kitab) on paper. Individuals in the microfinance sector who lend money to friends and family may use OkCredit app as their digital ledger to record their transactions and ease their account maintenance burden. 

The user can see their total credit in the market. Also, they can track their account statement for past transactions.

Start using OkCredit App today to say good bye to the hassles and headache of managing credit accounts (vahi khata) with pen, paper and calculator.

New Features

Secure OTP sign-in
Easy add customer flow
Minor bug fixes

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