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59 Banned Apps India - Chinese Apps APK

by FiveStarApp Team

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Last Updated : 17 month ago
Package : net.wapsoft.apps
Size of APK : 3.1MB
Version of App : 1.0
Total Install : 1149
Requirement : Android 4.3+
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Detailed Information about 59 Banned Apps India

59 Banned Apps India free APK App developed by FiveStarApp Team for Android. Download APK App of the latest 1.0 version. The APK updated 17 month ago at Android App store. However, this App provides top class Tools services for users in this Category. Download APK of the 59 Banned Apps India - Chinese Apps and keep as backup in your device external storage or SD Card. The apk+obb package is available for net.wapsoft.apps for free. Top alternative Tools Apps are Game Turbo, ExpertDth com, TechHua Wifi, InstaUp, ZPatcher Injector, Thope TV, etc.

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This APK file installed more than 1149 times from our App Store. Moreover, 59 Banned Apps India - Chinese Apps rated 9 out of 10 by our Android Application editors. Download Safe and Secure un-modified net.wapsoft.apps apk only on apkproz.com. Please share your feedback to FiveStarApp Team after using this APK App. Download and find more useful APK and trending Tools Apps for your Android device. The developer of the 59 Banned Apps India - Chinese Apps App will help you if you are facing any issue with the apk. Please reach out FiveStarApp Team site or e-mail address for any issue or feedback related queries.


Additionally, the 59 Banned Apps India - Chinese Apps works in USA, UK, Canada, India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands and Malaysia. Similarly, it works in Philippines, Italy, Germany, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Argentina, Myanmar, Turkey and Algeria like countries. If you are facing any issue with APK (net.wapsoft.apps) in your country, install any VPN Apps on your Android phone. However, We are providing the top class apk Apps for the version 1.0, which are virus and malware safe to download on Android device. Download APK package net.wapsoft.apps on your PC/Laptop(MAC/Windows) and use the App by installing Android Emulator free. Provide the feedback and suggestion for 59 Banned Apps India App on our support section. We are always available to respond within 24 hours to all your query and feedback. Please reach APKProZ support team though our email address in contact us section.

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How to install 59 Banned Apps India - Chinese Apps ?

THe APK App size is 3.1MB and the latest version is 1.0. You can download the App from Google Play Store or from FiveStarApp Team official web page for free. But, we are not hosting any modified apk which can be dangerous for your Android phone.

  1. Firstly, click on the above APK Download link (3.1MB) button down to description section.
  2. Then you will land on our Secure Download Page.
  3. Save the net.wapsoft.apps APK file on your Android mobile/tablet.
  4. Then turn on "Unknown sources" from Settings -> Privacy -> Unknown sources
  5. Open the APK file or net.wapsoft.apps from your mobile (Download folder).
  6. Finally, it will prompt for Installation, accept the Installation and follow instructions.

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